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Addison Petry put on a show today in premiere league

Addison has a great basketball mind and absolutely loved being on the court today. She was a leader for her team and was never selfish. Her dribbling was one of the best on the floor and if she keeps that up she will be a great player as she gets older. We asked Addison some questions and her answers are below First Name: Addison Last Name: Petry Grade: 4th School Team: Cuyahoga Falls What is your favorite pro team? Cleveland Browns What do you want to be when you grow up? Coach What makes the best coach? Teaching good and being nice and kind What makes the best teammate? Being nice, reliable What do you like most about basketball? Getting to shoot and dribble on the court Who is your favorite player? Baker Mayfield What is your favorite food? Strawberrys and Icecream