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Oliva Marie from Rittman showed she knows basketball

Olivia was intense at times and smiling all over the court. She did a tremendous job as a team mate and ran up and down the floor with great hustle. She was one of the better dribblers on the court and if she keeps working on her skills can be a great high school athlete. Her future is definitely bright. Although her team did not win today, she won with a wonderful attitude and willingness to get better. When I asked her what makes a great coach... she replied "My Coach" which goes a long way in telling you Rittman is doing the right thing with putting leaders in place to make the game fun for the kids. Great job Olivia. We asked Olivia some questions and below were her answers. First Name: Oliva Last Name: Marie Grade: 3rd School Team: Rittman What is your favorite pro team? Bulls What do you want to be when you grow up? Teacher What makes the best coach? My coach is the best. He teaches me a lot of stuff. What makes the best teammate? Somebody that helps out. If have injury or something they are there for you. What do you like most about basketball? Get to run around and dribble. Who is your favorite player? Michael Jordan What is your favorite food? Gold Fish