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Landon Nickelson shows strong in premiere league

Landon is a strong kid that showed it well on the court today. He was surely a leader for his team and if he keeps working on his game can be a tremendous high school athlete and closer to being his goal of a professional player. Landon's court IQ is great and is not a selfish player. Was super fun to see him play today. Keep an eye out for this kid. We asked Landon a few questions. Below were his answers. First Name: Landon Last Name: Nickelson Grade: 3rd School Team: Rittman What is your favorite pro team? Lakers What do you want to be when you grow up? Basketball player What makes the best coach? Nice and respectful. Teaches things and makes better. What makes the best teammate? Person that passes, someone that listens well. What do you like most about basketball? Playing for fun Who is your favorite player? Curry What is your favorite food? Chinese Chicken