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Max Harrington shows off his speed in todays game

Max is an excellent athlete for his age level and really loves being on the court. He has really good dribbling skills which is a key to youth development and success at the next level. The Hudson program surely is teaching the right things. Max has really good basketball IQ for a young fella and is going to be a kid to keep an eye on throughout is quest to be an NBA players. We asked Max a few questions and below were his answers. First Name: Max Last Name: Harrington Grade: 3rd School Team: Hudson What is your favorite pro team? Lakers What do you want to be when you grow up? NBA Player What makes the best coach? When they are really kind. What makes the best teammate? When they have your back What do you like most about basketball? Shooting the ball Who is your favorite player? Lebron James What is your favorite food? Pizza